An array of original Music and Fine Art works are presented in this Internet Art Gallery.  Among the mediums used are watercolor, charcoal, oil pastel, acrylic, graphite, ink and digital.  

Oil Pastel

This 9 x 12 piece is called "Elizabeth Gaze". At first I wanted to draw a young girl in different colors but it kinda just developed on its own and turned into the basic outline of a woman emerging from clouds of color. I like this piece because it has mystical vibes and the colors pop against the white background.



This is a sketch that I did for my Art 2 class . It was supposed to be a still life but in the end I decided to use a different sketch for my piece. This was my second choice but in the end I still like the sketch so I decided to post it. 


Ink Scribble

During the beginning of quarantine I was quite bored. Thus I took a pen and started to scribble on one of my drawing papers. Then slowly a face came out of the scribble and I decide to draw a woman. I made her look angry, I called her "Aggrivation", because I wanted to express my feelings on the current happenings of the world.


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This Fancy Chicken is my first attempt at real life finger painting. I tried to balance realism with vibrant colors. 

This is a digital drawing I did on my tablet. I call it "Uncle T". I just wanted to depict a T Rex in a way that people won't normally think of when imagining a carnivorous dinosaur.

Manic- oil pastel-BetsyG
This piece is 11 x 15 inches. I call it "Mania". I tried to depict a man on the edge of insanity with his reason fading away. I used cool colors to depict his fall into insanity because they make me think of a cold winter day where everything seems bleak and desolate.

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